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Insomnia as a Postman alternative

Lately I had some issues with Postman like a lot of other people.

Long story short: If you have a personal workspace, create a team and then decide you do not want a team anymore and delete it, all your personal workspaces and collections are automatically deleted.

I wanted to be smart and took my second device offline and opened Postman. However, Postman says: You are offline, so you cannot access your synced workspaces.
That means: Everything is gone and cannot be recovered.

That was the trigger to move to another tool. I tried Insomnia and it is a great alternative to Postman. It is open source and has a lot of features.


You do not even need a paid account, but you can easily sync your workspaces with git to any repository you want. It also has a lot of plugins you can use to extend the functionality.


To start a new collection, you should create a new Design Document not a Request Collection. The advantage of a Design Document is that you can work on an OpenAPI specification or create requests from scratch. Also git sync is only available for Design Documents and you get these 3 tabs:


The Design tab is where you can create your requests as an OpenAPI specification or import from a yml or json file. The Debug tab is where you can test your requests or create new requests. The Test tab is where you can create test suites with tests for your requests. As you can see in the following image the tests are written in javascript, so you have a lot of options.



I am really happy with Insomnia and I will use it for all my API testing. It is a great alternative to Postman and I can recommend it especially for the plugins and the free git sync.

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