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K2 blackpearl: Command-line deployment hangs

I tried to deploy a K2 blackpearl process (developed and tested on server DEV in domain A) to a test environment (server TEST, domain B) via the command line, but it freezes at some stage.

Normally you could deploy a process from within Visual Studio with a click on “Deploy”. Then you will get a wizard to choose your environment. If your environments are not on the same domain, K2 blackpearl supports the deployment through the command line.

In Visual Studio right click on the process and select “Create Deploy Package”. After it finishes, you will find some files in the obj\Debug folder. One file is a .msbuild file.

I copied all files, as mentioned in the K2 docu, to the target machine and fired up:
msbuild MyProcess.msbuild /p:Environment=Test

First, it looks good, because my InfoPath form was deployed to the SharePoint site, then the console showed the following lines:

Deploy Processes: Task Started (26.02.2009 17:00:00)
Adding Process : MyProcess\Demo1

Nothing more! I waited about 30 minutes, but nothing happened, no error messages, nothing.

Long story short: The solution is, that the value of the “SharePoint Target Site” environment field MUST end with a “/” (e.g. “http://mossServer/targetSite/”)! You can change this within Visual Studio in the Environment Browser or directly in the .msbuild file.

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