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InfoPath 2003/2007 and satellite assemblies

Is it possible that no one ever tried this “easy” thing before? I can’t belive that, but I did’t find anything on the whole internet.

Ok, here it is:
I have a class library makes use of the Visual Studio feature to automatically create satellite assemblies for other languages. Nothing special. If you don’t know, here it is how it works:

Create the class lib project, add a resource file (Strings.resx) with one entry (Hello=Hello) and Visual Studio automatically created a strongly-typed resource from that.
Now you can use MessageBox.Show(Strings.Hello); to access this string. > If you now add another resource file called (Hello=Hallo) you can do this to access it:
Strings.Culture = new CultureInfo(“de”);
And this is the output after building:

  • \MyAssembly.dll
  • \de\MyAssembly.resource.dll

So, now I want to use this simple library in my InfoPath project. Open it in Visual Studio, add the reference to the assembly and build: Ok. Then publish this InfoPath Form. VS now _*should *_compile all associated resources, dlls and so on into the InfoPath *.xsn file, but it does not!

And that’s the problem here: It looks like that VS can’t embed the satellite assemblies residing in subfolders into the .xsn file…
If anyone has tried this before (and got a solution ;-)) let me know.

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