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Start my Azure VM based on my Tesla location

My car has an API… now what?

I have a Tesla Model 3 and it is a computer on wheels. Next-level IoT ;-)
I’m using the Tesla API Scraper to log some data from the car to a local InfluxDb. It has a nice Grafana dashboard like this one:

What can I do with the data?

My main developer machine is a VM in Azure (see previous post). It shutsdown automatically every evening to save costs, but I have to start it manually in the morning.
Now that the InfluxDb contains near real-time location data I’ve created a simple .NET core console app to connect to the InfluxDb, gets the latest location and check the distance to my work location.
If the car is near my work location the console app posts to an Azure Automation WebHook to start the VM. Awesome!

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